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About Penn Farm Podiatry

Penn Farm Podiatry is located at Penn Farm Studios, a collection of converted farm buildings between Haslingfield and Harston.  

We are only six miles south west of Cambridge and it is an easy cycle with no hills.  We are based within Penn Farm Physiotherapy, which is particularly helpful for patients requiring a multidisciplinary approach. 


There is plenty of parking and the building and lavatory are wheelchair friendly.


Hannah Roberts (née Macleod) has over 15 years experience and enjoys a good local reputation, having worked in the area since 2004.  She has a Bachelor of Podiatry from the University of South Australia.


Hannah can help with corns and calluses, painful, difficult or ingrown toenails and veruccae.  She also has had a lot of experience in musculoskeletal problems and can help treat painful feet and legs, plantar fasciitis, neuromas and tendonopathies that may be associated with the way you walk and stand.  Treatment may include stretches, exercises, footwear changes, steroid injections and orthotic devices.


Hannah understands the challenges of working with younger patients, having two small children of her own.  She is happy to see children of any age - her youngest ever patient was just a few hours old!


Hannah is registered with the HCPC and is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists as well as being a committee member of the Cambridgeshire branch.


Hannah is registered with several insurance companies including BUPA.  Most insurance cash back schemes work with an HCPC registered Podiatrist but we suggest that you check first.

Hannah Roberts

Penn Farm Podiatry

"Hannah recognised how nervous my daugher was straightaway and struck just the right note with her. She listened to her and addressed her concerns patiently and clearly, making her feel comfortable and in control. We were relieved by how easily the problem was dealt with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Great aftercare too!".